Strengthening businesses is what we do

Studio Meta Services

Web development for professional services

Our services are in-line with how your patients want to be communicated with.

What we deliver:

We optimize the best and most up-to-date practices of branding and marketing to ensure your investment is well informed.


Evidence Based Strategy

Using new and existing research we build a marketing strategy around your patients, their buying behaviours and where they frequent.


Brand Creation

Define what makes you unique and craft a tailored brand with a visual identity and messaging that helps you stand apart from your peers.


Engagement Marketing

A standout website and marketing strategy that ensures we are putting compelling invitations to connect in front of current and desired patients.


Success Metrics

Performing analytics reviews to know we are on target and achieving results. Adjust as necessary, always letting the data guide our decisions.

How we achieve results

Studio Meta Services

Our three-tiered approach gives you the flexibility to choose a package that works for you now and has the ability to scale with you into the future.

Each tier is based on a monthly investment for one year. We then offer an optional ‘maintenance package’ once the brand foundation has been set and year one is complete.

Digital marketing and web development agency


Bronze tier icon

This package is our baseline package which includes research and strategy, execution and maintenance. The bronze package will build a strong and consistent brand and marketing presence.


Research & Strategy

  • Base line brand audit
  • Competitor research
  • Brand messaging
  • Website SEO optimization
  • Digital marketing strategy


  • Marketing progress reports
  • Website analytics
  • Design maintenance


  • Logo and website
  • Social media
  • Brand guidelines
  • Digital marketing execution


Silver tier icon

Silver includes the services offered in the bronze tier and builds upon them with additional design customization, depth of research and assertive marketing. There are new items introduced as well as larger scope items, perfect for clients looking for a more comprehensive plan.

Upgrades From Bronze Tier
  • Mid-weight brand audit
  • Mid-weight competitor research
  • Audience research
  • Print + digital collateral
  • Creative copywriting
  • Mid-weight digital marketing strategy and execution
  • Custom illustrations and graphic elements
  • Mid-weight website search engine optimization (SEO)


Gold tier icon

Gold captures our full-service offering. It includes the services of the bronze and silver tiers with additional custom design options and deliverables, greater depth of research, and aggressive marketing.

Upgrades From Silver Tier
  • Heavy-weight brand audit
  • Heavy-weight competitor research
  • E-mail marketing templates
  • Clinic signage design and interior graphics
  • Additional custom web design options
  • Heavy-weight digital marketing strategy and execution
  • Heavy-weight website search engine optimization (SEO)

The Meta Why

Through targeted marketing services, Meta helps you build your client base and confidently stand out within a highly competitive industry.

  • How do you ensure a potential client knows of your practice?
  • How do you meaningfully share your practice’s services with potential clients?
  • How do you ensure a potential client makes contact after visiting your website?
  • How do you ensure a client stays with you and refers their friends to you?

We can answer these questions for you and build a plan to help you attract and retain desired clients.